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Thousands of suns had burst at once, coloring the sky with a blinding glare. We fled from the fire of war and hid into calm dark shadows, seeking peace and consolation. A decision was made, never to cross paths with the people of blinding lights, for lights bring death and suffering. However, there was one in our midst who was born different. A little sun kept erupting from the shadow’s heart, for which they were banished. Now they must roam the world alone, find their own place and purpose and learn how to tame the light within them before it brings them destruction.

You play as a Shadow banished from your land because you are different. You can draw power from light. Use your ability on your way through the ruins but beware that you are still a shadow so too much light will kill you.

Project for Game Development lecture at Charles University.

Authors: Tereza Kotěšovcová, Filip Sedlák, David Řeřicha, Kateřina Hanáčková
Mentor: Asado Rakhimov


Shadows_Exile.zip 77 MB
Shadows_Exile.app.zip 89 MB

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